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Some Plays

Some Plays


(4W, 4M) A hip-hop dance class Greek Chorus and opinionated long-dead ancestors help guide the relationship between Meg and Drew, an interracial couple whose lives are rocked when Meg’s Uncle Stevie becomes obsessed with unearthing their ancestry. A fearless time and space-bending dramedy of manners gone very far South.

Development: Manhattan Theatre Club (Ted Snowdon Reading Series), Kansas City Repertory Theatre (New Works Reading Series), Studio Retreat at the Lark


(5W) Set at the switchboards of New York's oldest and most elite celebrity answering service, over a half-century of metropolitan mythology. Over the course of three acts, we first meet the "Belles" in their swinging 60s heyday, visit them again in the 80s, and resolve in a future that's not too far away. Via the ringing phones and the women who answer them we witness styles, slang, social norms, technology, and standards of beauty change with the years, but other things--like our culture's obsession with celebrity, and the tedious particularities of one's first "real" job--don't, quite. This is a play concerned with the ways many young women come to define themselves in relation to a mirage. It's also a love/hate letter to the New York you know from the movies, as well as the bright-eyed eager beaver you used to be. 

Development: Winter Writers Retreat at The Lark, Roundtable at the Lark


(4W, 4M) When Geena, a single mother, sets out on a dubious summer internship to complete her degree in music business as an adult, she finds that the groove is not where her teenager-self left it. Art is the boss at this dubious internship. He's a has-been folk singer, and enlists Geena’s unpaid services to serve as roadie-in-effect while he fulfills a season-long “musical residency” at Fat Pat’s, a fast food chain with locations off most highways striping east Texas. Geena initially looks up to Art, and is seduced by his charisma and troubadour spirit--but their not-quite-friendship is eventually complicated by questions of privilege, co-dependence, and fraught attraction. This is a play about cravings, Texas, bosses, that first bad love and rock n' roll. All that which is delicious, but may not fully sate us.

Development: Roundtable at the Lark, Upcoming: Bloodworks Reading @ Ensemble Studio Theatre